Altpapier (aka “used paper”)


Read news from 100 years ago. With this app you can discover random newspaper articles from the days before yesterday. Find your favourites, such as quirky anecdotes, old personal ads or local phenomena.

The Altpapier (aka “used paper”) app brings the most exciting and unusual newspaper reports from the beginning of the 20th century to your smartphone. The app accesses digitized historical newspapers from Berlin State Library and makes them available via a modern news app. The app offers various feeds; individual articles are displayed with the date, the name of the newspaper, the headline and the actual news item.

This app was created during the event Coding Da Vinci Berlin 2017. The aim of the application is to make digitized historical newspaper articles easily accessible for users. In cooperation with Berlin State Library, digitized newspaper articles were integrated into an Android app.


Altpapier can be downloaded from the Appstore.

This app was created using Android Studio. A version for iOS is under development.

Source code

Developed by

  • Maria Becker
  • Erik Koenen
  • Kathrin Konkol
  • Maike Orlikowski


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