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Rettet die Spielebücher: InGameGrafik (Jester Blank BgR, CC BY 4.0)

Save the Gamebooks

Project description The Berlin State Library has systematically built up an internationally renowned collection of pop-ups, paper stages and other gamebooks dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. Their characteristic moveable elements invite to play and interact with these books. Said collection constitutes the basis for a concept study – funded by Germany’s Federal […]

Historical Memes For German Teens

This project was developed during the hackathon Coding Precarity and was awarded by the jury in the category “Most Innovative”. „Historical Memes For German Teens“ uses the meme format to provide insights into economic and socio-political questions of the late 19th and early 20th century for a young generateion with an affinity for the Internet. […]

Projects Hackathon Coding Gender 2019

In the summer of 2019 the hackathon „Coding Gender – Women in Cultural Data“ took place in the Berlin State Library. During this three-day event, interdisciplinary teams of computer scientists, designers and humanities scholars developed innovative projects using digitised historical documents from the Berlin State Library and addressing questions such as the visibility of women […]

Lou Andreas-Salomé – Interactive Storytelling

Extraordinary find at the Hackathon Coding Gender: the mobile phone of Lou Andreas-Salomé! She was smart, popular and incredibly well-connected, the psychoanalyst and writer Lou Andreas-Salomé; a true influencer of her time. But in the black and white pictures we can see of her today, she seems rather aloof, withdrawn and serious. Andreas-Salomé wrote numerous […]

Beitragsbild Beruf-O-Mat

Beruf-O-Mat. Find your former self

Weibsbilder. World Wide Women.

How can role models be represented? What relationships exist between specific role attributions, the activities performed and the source genres? Are there congruences between specific roles and source genres? These questions were answered by the team “Weibsbilder. World Wide Women” in the Hackathon Coding Gender. Based on the data sets Picturing Gender, Dolls Kitchens and […]

Berliner Schlagzeilen (aka “Berlin Headlines”)

The bot “Berliner Schlagzeilen” twitters the headlines and a picture of the title page of the respective issue from 100 years ago on a daily basis.