Beruf-O-Mat. Find your former self

Based on the data sets provided for the Hackathon Coding Gender, the Beruf-O-Mat is an exciting quiz that uses six questions to find out which CV would have led to which (female) profession in the past and how well (or badly) women in the different eras were able to make ends meet with it.


1. Area: Where were you born? (City / Country)

2. Time: When did you grow up? (1870s / 1890s / 1908 to 1914 / 1914 to 1918)

3. Social background: In which social class were you born? ( Upper class / Upper middle class / Lower middle class / Lower class )

4. Education: What school did you go to? (elementary school / private lessons / citizen school)

5. Secondary school education / study: Where did you go to secondary school? (secondary school for girls / private school for daughters or boarding school for girls / teacher training seminar / school for arts and crafts / grammar school for girls / study as an auditor without a degree / study with a degree)

6. Marriage: Are you going to marry? (Yes / No)

The combinations of answers then lead to professions such as factory worker, maid, nurse or even writer, journalist and doctor.


More detailed information can be found here: Berufomat

A first implementation of this quiz can be found under the following link (Attention: Link only available for some time!)