Berliner Schlagzeilen (aka “Berlin Headlines”)


100 years ago, the Berliner Volks-Zeitung was the daily newspaper for the metropolis of Berlin. With a mix of serious high-brow content, light entertainment and sensational pieces it became the most successful tabloid newspaper of its time. The Twitter bot “Berliner Schlagzeilen” tweets the headlines and a picture of the title page from 100 years ago every day, on the day. In this way we connect the past with the present and make history accessible to a broad audience.

This application was developed during the event Coding Da Vinci Berlin 2017. The aim of the application is to make digitized historical newspaper articles easily accessible for users. In cooperation with the Berlin State Library, digitized newspaper articles were integrated into a Twitter bot.


Source code

Developed by

  • Falko Krause
  • Erik Koenen
  • Olivier Wagener



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