Kalliope Union Catalog

Kalliope is a Union Catalog for collections of personal papers, manuscripts, and publishers’ archives and the National Information System for these material types.

More than 19,300 holdings from more than 950 institutions with a total of more than three million individual items are currently indexed online. Kalliope contains metadata of correspondence archives, manuscripts, private and professional document files, diaries, family albums, lecture notes, photographs, posters, films, music, but also hair curls, … by and about 600,000 people and 100,000 organizations.


SRU – http://kalliope-verbund.info/sru?version=1.2

SRU, here used in the 1.2 version, is an HTTP-based protocol for the automatic retrieval of bibliographic data. By using this interface you can use the data for your catalogues, your subject portals, or tfor digitizing your objects.

The retrieval language used is the Contextual Query Language; it is also used for the expert search. Data from Kalliope are  are vailable in the formats Dublin Core (DC, v. 1.1) and Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS, v. 3.4).

Query the SRU interface

Indexes can be queried directly (see index list), e.g:

Documentation of data formats

The overview of the elements for MODS and Dublin Core can be found here  (PDF).

The URL in ./recordIdentifier/@url (MODS format) is a persistent URL. It consists of the domain name http://kalliope-verbund.info/ + record number: http://kalliope-verbund.info/{ID}, e.g. http://kalliope-verbund.info/DE-611-HS-2321418.

Further examples

Conditions for Use

The vast majority of the data are licensed under CC BY-SA. Only licenses that differ are specified in the individual data record.


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